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Welcome to Inv-Goldmine BMD

«Inv-GoldmineBMD» has been operating since 2012 while currently maintaining the significant gold
mining company status as well as ensuring the current industry stability, growth, and development all over the world.

Our Mission

Our company’s mission is to become the «gold mining standard, » i.e., to be the best in the current business. So, the most effective technological and managerial solutions are used for this.

Our Vision

We tend to successfully implement our vision every day by integrating environmental, social, and economic considerations into all our business decisions, through partnerships with different countries’ governments, as well as their people, and respectfully interact with all the parties, which are interested.

Corporate responsibility


Seven years background to ensure sustainable development.

Our company has implemented the corporate responsibility principles compliance system to successfully implement our values ​​and principles into practice.

This is a single centralized activities management system in operation, industrial safety, new work methods, and technologies fields used in both departments and companies.

«Inv-Goldmine BMD» follows several key principles:

Use the safest and most effective ways, by all established norms and regulations.
Involve and motivate employees to ensure maximum performance, as well as maximum growth and development of their own company.
Use the most advanced technologies, machinery, and equipment for highly efficient work and goals achievement.

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inform you of our business way

About us

About us

Our company is one of the fastest growing gold mining
companies in the current industry.

Briefly about us:

«Inv-Goldmine BMD» is one of the fastest-growing gold mining companies worldwide. The company was founded in 2012 and currently is one of the largest gold mining companies. «Inv-Goldmine BMD» provides itself with a reliable and confident development vector for many years to come due to the latest technologies, advanced equipment, a clear development strategy, as well as highly-qualified staff.

The main company’s success criteria:

  • Large background gained as the long work result
  • Strict financial discipline
  • High-performance culture
  • Modern company’s equipment
  • Properly built the development line
  • Highly qualified professionals, who have been selected carefully
The current fundamental factors are the key to achieve the company’s success and prosperity, as well as a reliable and stable future, which we have been building for a long time.