«Goldmine BMD» has a strict attitude toward the environment protection while calling the current area the «fundamental» ​​company’s responsibility area in the 21st century. Our «environmental» goal is «to improve the work areas»

That’s why the main «Goldmine BMD» operation aspects in the current area include the strict internal standards introduction for water, work with production wastes, plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (by 30% by 2030), save energy, plan the closure process for the earliest mine design stage, the working safety with various materials, including chemical and explosive substances, and biological diversity conservation.

The current ​​work area is important for «Goldmine BMD» including due to membership in the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM), which sets forth regulatory requirements in the ecology field; the company’s environmental policy is built, given the law’s requirements.

1. The Group’s companies have successfully developed and implemented the environmental management system.

2. The latest technologies, equipment, practices, which significantly reduce and sometimes prevent nature pollution, are being implemented and improved.

3. The company’s activities impact on the biosphere is assessed, and work is adjusted in accordance with the conclusions made.

4. The group both undertakes to fulfill environmental obligations as well as obliges contractors to do so.

Therefore, «Goldmine BMD» is striving to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere by switching to the alternative and low-carbon energy sources use, in accordance with ICMM requirements.