Health and safety

Health and safety

Caring for people is one of the most important aspects for us. That’s why one of our gold mining company’s strategic goals is to achieve zero injuries in companies and enterprises. So, we’ve developed a labor protection policy, intended to create a safe working atmosphere.

«Goldmine BMD» employees get all the required skills and abilities to comply with safety requirements.

Also, violations of rejection culture are being introduced in the current area. Managers’ integrated approach and personal interest at different levels contribute to both injuries and harm minimization and prevention.

Our primary focus is health and safety among employees, partners, contractors, and suppliers. This means we are creating an environment, which contributes us to avoid compromising with respect to health and safety, as well as noticeably promote policies and principles for labor and health protection.

We confidently declare that all employees and contractors are well-trained and competent. Therefore, they may safely carry out their work. Inv-GoldmineBMD constantly encourages highly-qualified industrial hygienists to regularly identify and eliminate potential health issues risks, as well as to measure, monitor, and report on health and safety to ensure objective assessment of its own staff’s health status.

The company regularly conducts training and engages employees in the labor protection systems and programs development and implementation, creates a culture of reporting and responsiveness to ensure that both issues and incidents at the workplace are quickly and efficiently detected and eliminated.