Operation principle


Operation principle

Our company has clear, confident development prospects due to the use of modern technologies, effective management, and consistent implementation.

«Goldmine BMD» corporation was established in 2012. Finally, we managed to become a huge gold mining holding.

Currently, our company owns the five largest gold deposits, including Olympic Dam, Lihir, and Boddington, which is located in Australia, as well as the Klerksdorp and East Rand mines, located in South Africa.

Currently, «Goldmine BMD» is one of the largest gold mining companies worldwide. Gold reserves at the company's deposits amount are 51.3 million ounces. The total company’s employees’ number is 7.4 thousand people. The company's income for the fiscal year amounted to $ 2.28 billion, net profit - $ 306 million. The gold production amount for the same period is 2.97 million ounces.

«Goldmine BMD» uses the latest advanced equipment and the most advanced ore mining and processing methods. All the company’s staff passes through rigorous selection, having all the required certificates and meeting all the standards. All employees are accredited to confirm their qualifications and the right to work every six months.

«Goldmine BMD» is an open company, having a multi-level management system. Top management heads include James Adams, President, Michael Matthews, President, Strategic Development Senior Executive Vice President, Mitchell White, and Sarah Parker, Executive Vice President, and Chief Financial Officer.

«Goldmine BMD» pays special attention to social work with the regions’ population, which the company operates in, protecting the environment and introducing the latest technologies, in addition to production and financial indicators.

«Goldmine BMD» managed to become the largest gold miner in the world due to its advanced technological component. Digital technology is especially important in production terms in recent years. «Inv-GoldmineBMD» deems them a fundamental factor for successful work and uses them to improve the planning and asset management quality, provide specialists with a chance to make quick, accurate, and high-quality decisions, effectively assess and eliminate risks, and increase transparency as well.