Last year report

Key events of 2018:

We managed to set a new record for safety performance while remaining one of the safest companies in our business sector. Besides, we continued to implement a safety culture through leading indicators, focused on the staff involvement and awareness, as well as proactively potentially dangerous critical risks revealing to avoid a possible incident.

We claimed ourselves responsible for procurement and updated our supplier's list, supply policies, and successfully implemented a new process and comprehensive supplier verification tool, which entered into force on June 1, 2018.

It’s worth mentioning that our company has a high rating from the World Wildlife Fund since our environment, nature, and wildlife are key aspects for us.

CO2 emissions amounted to 11.6 kg / t of processed ore in 2018, which is consistent with previous years and significantly lower than our competitors, who reported an average of 52.1 kg / t of processed ore (in on average for ten similar companies).

Third-party reviews have been received, including expert groups on landfills, confirming «Goldmine BMD» company’s active and inactive landfills safety.

Annual report