Social and economic development

Social and economic development

«Goldmine BMD» continues to progressively develop, improve production, and increase financial performance as well. The company’s management is currently engaged in gold mining and production increase.

Currently, «Inv-GoldmineBMD» company’s geologists are focused on exploring areas adjacent to existing mining companies since the company is focused on long-term development. The current work purpose is to increase production, based on existing infrastructure in accordance with international environmental standards.

Caring for people and employee safety is our priority. Industrial safety indicators are an integral part of our strategy while forming a production plan. «Goldmine BMD» conducts training and provides employees with personal protective equipment to minimize the occupational diseases and injuries likelihood in the mines.

The company tries to focus on the development of the highly profitable deposit with a long life, located in North and South America’s key regions.

Besides, «Goldmine BMD» started a partnership with the company, engaged in industrial network equipment development. Olympic Dam gold mine was chosen as the flagship project for digital technologies testing. In addition, the company has a modern analytical center, where dozens of specialist analysts process data from tens of thousands of sensors, installed on mining machines, other machinery and equipment, and on employees, identifying possible risks and dangers, and analyzing and improving working conditions.