Development strategy


Development strategy

Our company is sure the local population support ensures prosperous and stable work, while mine is both the way to get a profit as well as a center for the entire region development. Besides, this is a source of new jobs, training opportunities, local economic growth and prosperity, infrastructure development, etc.

«Goldmine BMD» specialists are the key aspect of establishing good relationships with the local population and the authorities is to follow three simple rules, namely to effectively manage the production consequences (noise, traffic, etc.), share the generated production wealth (primarily via the local suppliers involvement and local staff hiring) and respectively treat to all stakeholders.

The communication management system with the local population has been implemented to ensure activities in the current direction. It includes a strict policy and interaction standard with the civil organizations and the local population, various supporting procedures, and guidelines.

Our policy on sustainable development and stakeholder engagement confirms our commitment to transparent communication with stakeholders and respect for all cultures. We commit to providing local employment and economic development opportunities as well as build capacity.

Besides, we adhere to a strong governance structure, including multi-stakeholder participation and transparency, related to payments made to the government, which increases accountability, confidence, and mutual benefit.