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  • Bastanov Madzhan Danabekovich


my name is Bastanov Madzhan

I am «Goldmine BMD» president. I’ve devoted all my life the current company creation and development while being one of its founders. It’s commonly known, it’s quite complicated to achieve success and implement own dreams. But as you might know, great things almost always start small. Therefore, we managed to create a corporation, which became one of the gold mining industry leaders, due to long and hard work, the huge and painstaking work, as well as like-minded people team.

I’d like you to know that we are doing all to ensure a better future for both our company and the remaining world as well. We tend to focus all our both energy and efforts to achieve a better future, ensuring a suitable place for everyone. We provide better life in the regions, where we are engaged in deposits development, humanitarian and charitable assistance provision to those, who need it, constantly improving both all our employees’ life quality and the environmental as well. And this is just the start.

Bastanov Madzhan D. CEO Goldmine BMD


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